Australia’s Loudest CX Bike

When Sydney racer Alex contacted me and said he was getting a one-off cross bike built in America and he was shipping it to me for paint I said “…cool, what kind of scheme do you have in mind..?”

“I’ll send you a pic”….he said… and then this arrived:

Alex Deacon6

Awesome!! I best get on the phone and order some gold flake….some BIG gold flake….and lots of it.

When the bike arrived, it was an absolutely beautiful steel custom one-off from Deacon bikes in Lexington, Kentucky – and when I say one off, it’s actually the only customer bike ever built.  A perfect match of Sachs lugs, bottom bracket and dropouts, Columbus Pegorichie tubing and a beefy whisky carbon CX fork.

Alex Deacon1 Alex Deacon2 Alex Deacon3 Alex Deacon4 Alex Deacon5

While the colours were decided, the design started as a blank slate.  After a number of iterations and countless detailed emails, a final design from the very talented Larcombe Creative was locked in.  Gold flake on everything except the headtube and seat tube – these were to be done in a custom black with gold mica and to incorporate Hetchins style bands and outline style logos.

…or to be exact it was this:

Alex Deacon7

So deep breath and we are off…

It was already primed so the standard lot of masking and a light rub and wipe down…

Alex Deacon8

…before laying down a nice yellow gold base coat

Alex Deacon9 Alex Deacon10

Then the gold flake was unleashed! – in this instance 375 micron SEM flake which is pretty much as big as you can go.  In order to get the right density, just keep spraying until the stand starts creaking!

Alex Deacon11 Alex Deacon12

Layers and layers of glittery madness

Alex Deacon13

Next up the black tubes.  A custom solid black with a splash of gold mica.

Alex Deacon15 Alex Deacon16

Then a full day masking up the stripes, the white and gold bands and the outline decals

Alex Deacon18 Alex Deacon19Alex Deacon21

My favourite type of weeding…

Alex Deacon17

2 layer pearl white down on the bands and headtube stripe before remasking and laying down more gold base coat.

Alex Deacon20

…and then cross fingers while unmasking.

Alex Deacon22

A little more weeding on the downtube decals in black

Alex Deacon23

…and on with the many layers of clear to try and bury the flake

Alex Deacon24

Lots of rubbing in between coats to flatten the chunky flake as well as some subtle black infills in the lug cutouts

Alex Deacon25

Final coat of clear and boom!…….out into the rain for a photoshoot before being boxed up and shipped north.

Alex Deacon26 Alex Deacon31 Alex Deacon30 Alex Deacon29 Alex Deacon28 Alex Deacon27

Alex Deacon32

Ride safe Alex and try to keep the mud off all of this sparkle!









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