Merckx Motorola

An iconic bicycle in an iconic livery for a close friend – it doesn’t get much better than this.

When arguably Australia’s greatest Merckx tragic said to me “Simon, I’m gonna look for a Merckx” it didn’t take long to convince him that regardless of what he was able to find, we were going Motorola colours.

There’s something about the classic combination of red, white and electric blue transitioning through razor sharp chevrons coupled with sparkly gold foil edge decals.  The appeal of the scheme is also helped along in no small part by it’s association with pioneering Australian cyclist and proper nice guy, Phil Anderson.

So, the starting point was this. Classic Columbus Merckx steel wrapped in the shouty pinks and magentas of Team Teve Blad from the mid 1980’s.  A striking scheme in it’s own right but after 3 decades it was a bit worse for wear.


Step 1 as with all steel bikes with bad paint is to get it naked…. and owner Andrew did a brilliant job of it.

WM02 WM03 WM04

Seal it up with some etch primer…

WM05 WM06

…before sorting through the amazingly comprehensive set of Cyclomondo decals


The thing I love about this style of scheme is that it’s bloody hard. The layering of the colours and the order of the masking requires quite a bit of brainpower and the centering of the chevrons is crucial. The colours were a very slight variation on original with Aquarius Blue, Laser red and Pearl White.  Separating the blue from the red typically is a rather dull battleship grey.  A quick phone call to Andrew to ask”can I add some bling to the grey” was met with a “yes”.

So custom grey mixed from silver, black and white…


With the grey down, out come the pre-cut chevron masks


Measure twice….spray once



Next layer is the stunning Aquarius blue


With the blue masked on goes the red and the white…



..and then hold your breath for the fun part.



Careful now…you might cut yourself.


Lots of negotiations around which decals where…



Before finishing with some white pantographs…


2 coats of clear later and it’s a masterpiece – really proud of this one.

WM26 WM25 WM24 WM23 WM22


…and even more proud when seeing it at the Sydney Classic Bicycle Show Concourse.




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