Reborn Lemond Tourmalet

A much loved Lemond Tourmalet that unfortunately suffered the fate of being hit by a car and turned into a rattlecan black fixie!


The brief was to paint it a deep blue mica while keeping the rear triangle and logos raw alloy.

Owner Gregg did a brilliant job of stripping the frame back to raw alloy before it being masked up with stencils in the original font.

During 1 During 2 During 3 Filling the battle damage

Some Etch Primer onto the raw alloy


The blue was extended to the fork and up to the stem which included a silver highlight panel and lighter blue stripe.


The lighter blue transition bands from the blue to the alloy were added at the last moment before 3 coats of Ceramic clear.

blue bands

First coat of clear cut back before 2 more coats.

First Clear Sanded

The end result is truly stunning

Finished Finished2 Finished5stem Finished4Finished3



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