Like a few bicycle painters, my spray painting background came from being a car guy.  Admittedly a fairly bodgie car guy back in the early days where rust repairs where done with a tomahawk, chicken wire, paper mache and bog.

My memories of automotive painting back then were how difficult it was and how non-user friendly the paint was.  Fast forward 25 years and the restoration of my much loved band car finally came to the top of the list.  1,200 hours over 400 days saw the re-birth of my old 1964 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon. The 2 biggest surprises were how much better modern paints were, and how much more patient I was with a few extra years under the belt.

After parading it around among my cycling colleagues, one asked “Do you paint bicycles too…? and the rest they say is history…




Etch Primer Rad Support etch on doors Reverse into Spray Booth RHR Qtr Blocking High Fill

24 - Paint Wheel 04 - Prime FLoor 05 - Single Stage 11 - Base on Jambs 1 16 - Jambing Doors 07 - reprime hood 23 - masked in booth 25 - roof painted 28 - Clear Coat 29 - Clear Coat Shot1

Not so humble beginnings
Not so humble beginnings




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