A Unique Gefsco

It’s always a great day when a frame from one of Australia’s Master Frame builders comes through the door.    Steel bike enthusiast Richard is the lucky owner of a piece of Geoff Scott mastery in the form of a chromed and pantographed Gefsco crafted from  Columbus KL tubing.

I will admit that when I got the first photo’s of it I got very excited about the possibility of a classic Chromovelato finish incorporating a translucent candy colour straight over the chrome….but sadly the chrome really wasn’t good enough….and Richard had other ideas.  Thankfully the chrome on the forks and the rear stays was in pretty good shape





And here’s where the chrome wasn’t quite up to scratch



After masking up the bits we want to keep shiny is was subjected to some 60 grit brutality until it became dull and lifeless.  A quick scrub also with some deoxidine to nuetralise the spots that had already flaked off


The standard 2k etch primer and 2k surfacer treatment


And then  a fair bit of work carefully going over it with glaze putty to smooth out the imperfections from the flaking and pitting of the chrome


The colour..?  A 2 layer PPG Vibrance colour called “Emerald City” which is one of those colours usually reserved for wild custom show cars.  While the samples show a colour that flips from black to emerald green there was an unexpected surprise when I was photographing the finished product in the sunshine.  Decals were as per usual from Cyclomondo.

SG13 SG7

Down goes a black base coat….


…and on goes the green.  Tough colour to paint as under the fluro lights it disappeared into the black.  Coverage was checked with the lights off and a mobile phone light.


Mark out the centrelines and on go the decals

SG20 SG19 SG22

…and it helps when there is already an old forum post of the actual bike before it was chromed.


Some fire engine red in the pantos…


And out into the late afternoon sun for a photo shoot…

SG30 SG23 SG25SG24 SG26 SG27SG28 SG16

…and here’s the unexpected surprise – the emerald green also flips to blue in the right light.


Enjoy Richard.


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